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Status Granted Patent No. 2757466
Application No. 13151712.0 Date of Filing 17/01/2013
Date Grant Published 30/05/2018 Application Published 23/07/2014
Title of Invention A computer implemented method for generating computer program code
Current Proprietor Generative Software GmbH
15, Cornelia-Schlosser-Allee
79111 Freiburg
Address for service Hanna IP
Block B, The Crescent Building
Northwood, Santry
Dublin 9
Renewal Fees
Year Date Renewed
 8  30/01/2020
 7  31/01/2019
Publication Language German
Translation Received Date
28/06/2018 Divisional Application number: 18173712.3 Date of receipt: 22/05/2018
02/01/2019 Address for Service recorded as Hanna IP, Block B, The Crescent Building, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland received on 20/12/2018.