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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000049513
Registration No. 255528
Proprietor Citadines Temple Bar Limited
Riverside One
Sir John Rogersons Quay
Dublin 2 D02X576
Description of Mark Buskers on the Ball
Goods & Services Class: 16
Hotel directories.

Class: 21
Cutlery rests.

Class: 28
Gaming tables; Gaming machines for gambling; Bill-operated gaming equipment; Slot machines [gaming machines]; Coin-operated gaming equipment; Slot machines (gaming devices); Chips and dice [gaming equipment]; Coin-operated amusement gaming machines; Automatic gaming machines; Gaming apparatus; Gaming machines; Snooker rests.

Class: 35
Administrative hotel management; Hotel management for others; Hotels (Business management of -); Business management of hotels; Hotel management service [for others]; Secretarial services provided by hotels; Advertising services relating to hotels; Restaurant management for others; Marketing services in the field of restaurants; Business advisory services relating to the running of restaurants; Business advisory services relating to the setting up of restaurants.

Class: 36
Insurance for hotels; Insuring of hotel accommodation; Financing services relating to hotels.

Class: 37
Cleaning of hotels.

Class: 39
Delivery of food by restaurants.

Class: 41
Entertainment services provided by hotels; Gaming services; Gaming machine rental; Gaming machine entertainment services; On-line gaming services; Casino, gaming and gambling services; Gaming services for entertainment purposes; Amusement arcade gaming machine rental services; Providing of casino and gaming facilities; Providing on-line information in the field of computer gaming entertainment; Information relating to computer gaming entertainment provided online from a computer database or a global communication network; Rental of gaming machines; Gaming machines (Rental of -); Training services relating to the cleaning of restaurants; Education services relating to the provision of restaurant services.

Class: 42
Design of hotels; Design of restaurants; Planning [design] of restaurants; Design services in relation to restaurants.

Class: 43
Hotels; Hotel information; Hotel reservations; Hotel services; Resort hotels; Hotel catering services; Hotel restaurant services; Hotel reservation services; Arranging hotel accommodation; Providing hotel accommodation; Resort hotel services; Hotel accommodation services; Pet hotel services; Hotels and motels; Appraisal of hotel accommodation; Reservation of hotel accommodation; Hotel accommodation reservation services; Provision of hotel accommodation; Arranging of hotel accommodation; Booking of hotel accommodation; Hotel room booking services; Information relating to hotels; Booking services for hotels; Providing hotel and motel services; Hotel services for preferred customers; Making hotel reservations for others; Arranging of meals in hotels; Restaurant services provided by hotels; Reservation of accommodation in hotels; Accommodation bureaux [hotels, boarding houses]; Rental of towels for hotels; Rental of furniture for hotels; Rental of curtains for hotels; Bars; Restaurants; Restaurant services; Delicatessens [restaurants]; Grill restaurants; Tourist restaurants; Carvery restaurant services; Providing restaurant services; Spanish restaurant services; Japanese restaurant services; Ramen restaurant services; Restaurant information services; Restaurant reservation services; Mobile restaurant services; Restaurants (Self-service -); Self-service restaurants; Carry-out restaurants; Reservation of restaurants; Booking of restaurant seats; Self-service restaurant services; Take-out restaurant services; Salad bars [restaurant services]; Providing reviews of restaurants; Providing information about restaurant services; Restaurant services incorporating licensed bar facilities; Provision of information relating to restaurants; Travel agency services for booking restaurants; Agency services for reservation of restaurants; Providing reviews of restaurants and bars; Provision of food and drink in restaurants; Reservation and booking services for restaurants and meals; Providing food and drink in restaurants and bars; Serving food and drink in restaurants and bars; Serving food and drink for guests in restaurants; Providing food and drink for guests in restaurants; Making reservations and bookings for restaurants and meals.
Date of Registration 30/06/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 08/03/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service TOMKINS & CO.
5 Dartmouth Road
Dublin 6

07/12/2018 Change of name and address of proprietor from Sabden Ltd, 13- 17 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland to Citadines Temple Bar Limited, Riverside One, Sir John Rogersons Quay, Dublin 2 D02X576, Ireland recorded on 04/12/2018.
08/01/2019 Change of Address for Service from Sabden Ltd, 13- 17 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland to TOMKINS & CO., 5 Dartmouth Road, Dublin 6, Ireland recorded on 07/01/2019