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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000049585
Registration No. 256136
Proprietor Ardfuse Management Limited
72 Merrion Square
Dublin 2
Description of Mark FARRIER & DRAPER
Goods & Services Class: 9

Class: 16
Advertisement boards of card, paper or cardboard; announcement cards; recipes, books, cards, business cards, loyalty cards, member cards (other than encoded); paper and paper articles, printed matter, posters, menu cards, restaurant cards; reference books; recipe and food books, brochures and printed materials; signboards made of paper or of cardboard; brochures; leaflets; paper bags; printed advertisements; advertising leaflets; advertising material of cardboard or paper; all included in Class 16.

Class: 29
Meat, poultry, fish and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruit and vegetables; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked food of meat, poultry, fish or game; seafood products; prepared salads; jellies, jams; dairy products; edible oils and fats; edible fish oils; edible hot oils; preserves, pickles; fruit based snack foods.

Class: 30
Coffee, tea, cocoa, cappuccino; fruit teas; mixtures of coffee, coffee essences and coffee extracts; confectionery, sweets, biscuits, ice cream; bread, pastry and confectionery, ices, honey, treacle, sauces, spices, chocolate based beverages with milk, ice cream, meat pies, pizzas, frozen yoghurt, puddings, frozen confectionery and ice cream confectionery; chocolate; pastry and pastry products for food, pies, flans; puddings and desserts and preparations for making puddings and desserts; bread, buns, bagels, croissants, scones, crumpets, muffins, doughnuts; fruit sauces; fish sauces; cereal and rice based snack foods.

Class: 32
Fruit extracts and fruit juice drinks and beverages, lemonade, mineral water, soda water, syrups and other preparations for beverages; vegetable juices; beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages.

Class: 33
Alcoholic beverages (except beers); wines; spirits.

Class: 35
Business services relating to the franchising of restaurants and bars; retail services relating to a variety of food, beverages, wines, spirits, condiments, sauces, dressings, gift hampers, gift boxes, and ingredients or preparations for making food or beverages; promotional services in the form of offering tastes of food or beverage samples.

Class: 43
Restaurant and restaurant services; café and bistro services; bar and public house services; wine club services; catering services all relating to the provision of food and drink; providing of food and drink; information and booking services relating to the providing of food and drink; provision of accommodation and hotel services; providing facilities (accommodation) for conducting conferences; hiring of rooms for social functions; rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware, crockery and cutlery.
Date of Registration 04/07/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 03/05/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service TOMKINS & CO.
5 Dartmouth Road
Dublin 6