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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000049606
Registration No. 255406
Proprietor Brian and Sharon Keyes
Oriel House
8, Ormonde Road
Description of Mark Medieval Smile
Representation of Mark
Goods & Services Class: 16
Photographs; Photograph stands; Photograph albums; Photograph mounts; School photographs; Photographs [printed]; Printed photographs; Signed photographs; Photographic albums; Photographic prints; Photograph album pages; Photographs (Apparatus for mounting -); Mounting photographs (Apparatus for -); Apparatus for mounting photographs; Unmounted and mounted photographs; Mounted and unmounted photographs; Photographic or art mounts.

Class: 38
Electronic transmission of images, photographs, graphic images and illustrations over a global computer network; Provision of access to Internet platforms for the purpose of exchanging digital photographs.

Class: 40
Photographic duplicating; Printing (Photographic -); Photographic printing; Photographic developing; Photographic processing; Processing (Photographic -); Photographic retouching; Photographic etching; Photographic reproduction; Photographic enlarging; Film printing (Photographic -); Photographic image processing; Photographic film development; Development (Photographic film -); Digital enhancement of photographs; Digital restoration of photographs; Photographic etching of paper; Printing of photographic film; Photographic etching of fabrics; Photographic etching of textiles; Transfer of photographic prints; Duplicating of photographic film; Photographic preservation and conservation; Reproduction of photographic prints; Reproduction of photographic transparencies; Processing of photographic film; Transfer of photographic transparencies; Duplicating of photographic transparencies; Printing of photographic transparencies; Development of photographic films; Developing of photographic film; Enlarging of photographic prints; Photographic slide and print processing; Photographic etching of household articles; Photographic etching of printed matter; Film development and reproduction of photographs; Photographic etching of articles of clothing; Printing, and photographic and cinematographic development; Processing of photographic and cinematographic films; Transfer of photographs on to compact disc; Printing of digitally stored pictures and photographs; Providing information relating to photographic enlarging services; Providing information relating to photographic printing services; Providing information relating to photographic film development; Printing of photographic images from digital media.

Class: 42
Electronic storage of photographs; Electronic storage of digital photographs; Hosting of memory space on the Internet for storing digital photographs; Hosting a website for the electronic storage of digital photographs and videos.
Date of Registration 04/07/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 08/03/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service Brian and Sharon Keyes
Oriel House
8, Ormonde Road

The mark in use is/will be in the colour(s) black, white, silver, grey and bronze.