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Status Registered PAN No. FIIE201600000050725
Registration No. 256311
Proprietor Aldi Stores (Ireland) Limited
Newbridge Road
Co. Kildare
Description of Mark Lacura
Goods & Services Class: 3
Anti-dandruff conditioner; anti-dandruff shampoos; antiperspirant; bath oils; bath preparations and gels; bath salts; bath soap; beauty care products; body care products; body lotions; body spray; body washes; bubble bath; hair care products for care of and improving the appearance of hair; cosmetic preparations for skin care and perfumes; cosmetics, cleaning; conditioners; deodorants; eye liner; eyelash volumiser; face wash cream; face wash gel; facial wipes; hair care products; hair conditioner; hair dyes; hair shampoo; hairspray; hand wash; herbal bath soak; lip gloss; lipstick; make-up removal and face wipes; moisturiser; oral care products; cotton disks for cosmetic use; perfumes and perfume; preparations for body and beauty care; preparations for use in the bath; preparations for washing; preparations in gel form for use in the shower; roll on deodorant; shampoos; shaving gel; shower gels; skin care products; skin cream; soap and soap preparations; toothpaste; beauty care products.

Class: 8
Razor blades; razors.

Class: 21
Brushes; cosmetic powder compacts; cosmetic brushes, cosmetic utensils and applicators, cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; cosmetic brushes; powder compacts.
Date of Registration 15/08/2016
Date of Publication of Registration 14/06/2017
Priority Date
Registration Renewed
Address for Service FRKelly
27 Clyde Road
Dublin 4 D04 F838

The application for registration is proceeding with the consent of the proprietors of Registered European Union Trade Mark No. 008420739.